School Vision Evaluation

All students new to Nebraska schools are required by law to receive a vision evaluation. This evaluation consists of requirements to examine specific components of a student’s visual system: Amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus(misalignment of the eyes), internal and external health of the eye, and visual acuity. The vision evaluation must be performed by an optometrist (OD), physician (MD), a physician assistant (PA), or an advanced practice registered nurse(APRN).

The school required vision evaluation is important to insure that all students entering Nebraska schools for the first time are prepared to learn. However, the testing and observation components are not complete enough to be considered a comprehensive vision evaluation.

A Comprehensive Vision Examination is a series of tests and observations that measure the health and function of an individual’s visual system. A comprehensive vision evaluation can only be performed by law within the scope of practice by an optometrist (OD) or ophthalmologist (MD).
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