“I never knew trees had individual leaves until I got my glasses.”

-Alex, age 12

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Vision Screening Is Important Photo

“Vision screenings are important, but cannot take the place of a comprehensive exam.”

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Photo of Boy

Free Exams for Three-Year Olds

We want to help detect vision conditions that require corretion at an early age.

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Who We Are?


We are the experts in children's vision issues.

The Nebraska Foundation for Children’s Vision seeks to ensure that every child entering school in Nebraska is visually ready to learn.

  • We heighten awareness of pediatric vision care among consumers, educators and healthcare providers.
  • We lead the discussion and develop action plans to provide the tools necessary to equip Nebraska's children visually for successful futures academically and personally.

  • We connect multiple disciplines and individuals with intersecting interest in children and their success in education as related to efficient and healthy visual system. 
  • We monitor the latest policies, research and procedures related to children's vision.


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